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It was a bright morning. I woke up under a shaded tree, surrounded by a field of flowers and the sun shined on my face. I saw a figure of a strange creature but very beautiful. It seemed like it was watching over me the whole day.

“Lloyd!” an angry voice came. The figure looked around and ran away in an instant. I widened my eyes. It was my stubborn adopted sister, Emily. Even if she was a lazy person, I still cared for her, after what she’s been through.

“Hey flat butt.” I said with a little laugh. I stood up from my resting spot and took the sticks she picked up from the area.

“Jeez, you made me do all the work!” she complained. She always complained but I didn’t mind. I always picked up the sticks for her anyway.

“Well we’ve got enough for today. Let’s go home, Em.” I smiled and led the way. It was a busy and crowded street as usual. Emily and I had a hard time passing through but we made it home anyway.

“We’re home…” Emily said. I could tell she was all worn out. She dropped the sticks by a nearby furnace and marched to her room.

“You let her pick up the sticks again?” my mom asked with a hint of laughter. I nodded and laughed with her. My mother and I found it cute when she gets angry. I dropped the sticks beside the furnace and went upstairs to wait till the food was ready. I checked on Emily to see how she was and she was sleeping as usual. Instead of getting a book and read like my usual routine, I got distracted by a noise nearby. It sounded like a whale of some sort. I decided to go down and check what was happening. I rushed down the stairs and flung the door open. I spotted a young boy surrounded by older ones.

“What’s going on?” I asked, trying to sound brave as possible. They just stared at me.

“None of your business kid.” One of them said, giving me a glare. I just stared back showing no sign of fear.

“Well whatever it is, I think you should stop.” I said bravely. They looked at each other and glared at me again. Then, they turned and left showing no interest in hurting that kid anymore. I sighed with relief and looked at the boy who was still left on the ground. I picked him up and checked his body. It was a good thing there were no serious injuries.

“Are you okay?” I asked but the boy didn’t reply. He stared at me and tilted his head. I wasn’t sure why he did that. I asked again but I got the same reaction. He brought his hands up and moved it quickly with different movements and signals. It said, “I’m deaf”. It’s a good thing I studied sign languages. I nodded and asked the same question in sign language. The boy nodded happily and bowed his head. That’s probably his way of saying thank you. “I’m Milo” the boy spelled out his name. I smiled and spelled out mine. I guess you could say we became friends that day.

It was a dark evening and I couldn’t sleep for some reason. I sighed and grabbed another book from my shelf. It was about legends and mythical creatures. I scanned the pages. They were the usual ones, fairies, dwarves, elves, unicorns, and many more. Then one page piqued my interest. A sea monster, never heard of it. I read some of its information and it was pretty interesting.

“I see you’ve found my friend.” A voice came. I turned to look out my widow. It was a girl in a dark blue dress with brown
wings and her eyes like the moonlight.
It was the same creature I saw earlier.
I froze and I didn’t know what to say.
The creature smiled and tapped the

“Would you let me in? It’s getting
cold out here.” She asked nicely. I
had no choice but to let her in. She
seemed nice anyway. She sat on a
chair and took the book, looking at
the picture of the monster.

“Who are you?” I asked.
“They call me, Nightingale.” She
hummed as she read the book thoroughly. I couldn’t help but stare at her. It’s very unusual for someone to come in through the window.

“So this is your friend?” I pointed at the monster in the book. She nodded and smiled again.

“Yes he is my friend. Years ago, we met at the beach by a lighthouse. We talked every night and became closer everyday. However…” her smile turned to a frown.

“One day, his people wiped out and he was the only one who survived. Due to his loneliness, he dove deep down the ocean where I couldn’t reach.” She gave out a sigh. I felt sorry for her. Losing a friend is one of the hardest things in life.

“Many of my friends from the sea told me he wouldn’t come up unless he heard his people’s call. I tried calling him many times but my voice cant reach a low pitch.” She continued. Then, she looked at me. Her eyes were twinkling as if she had an idea. She grabbed my hands with eyes full of hope.

“You’ll help me right?!” she asked with glee. I panicked and thought for a moment. All I do is do my chores and read books but I agreed to help anyway. Her smile grew wide and she jumped out of her seat. She bounced up and down in excitement. I hope I made the right decision.

“Alright! We’ll start planning first thing in the morning. Bring your companions as well~!” she sung happily and flew out the window.

The next day, I woke up early and as usual did my chores with Emily. Unlike the past few days, it was dark and rainy. I sighed feeling the rain as Emily and I picked up sticks.

“Ah! Lloyd and Emily!” I looked around and saw the Nightingale. Emily looked a little surprised seeing her.


“I’m sorry, Emily. I forgot to introduce myself!”


“The name’s Nightingale and you and Lloyd are going to help me!” she sang. Emily looked puzzled and turned to me.

“Who’s this, Lloyd? I don’t remember making a deal with her.” She said. I scratched my head and sighed.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you earlier. You were in a really bad mood, Em.” I apologized. I stood in between them so they could see each other face to face.

“This is Nightingale. I met her last night and she saw me reading about mythical creatures like her. She’s chosen us to help her find her old friend, the sea monster.”
Emily’s face was still puzzled. She stood silent for a while then looked at both of us with a determined look.

“I guess I could help you if it means I wont be able to do my chores for a day.” She finally said. I was happy she finally considered helping out at least. The Nightingale’s eyes sparkled in excitement. She was glad too. In return, Nightingale helped us do our chores. She was fast enough so we finished them early.

We walked along the same road, which was now empty. There are usually not much people around the marketplace during rainy days. As we were approaching home, we saw Milo by our doorstep that was probably waiting for us. He waved and I waved back. Though, Milo’s face was the same as Emily’s earlier. He pointed at the Nightingale while looking at Emily and I. I introduced them through sign language. I had a hard time translating Nightingale’s words but I was glad they got along quick.

“Will you help me find my friend, Milo? It’s going to be an adventure!” she asked. After translating her words, Milo’s eyes widened and they seemed excited just like the Nightingale’s. He nodded and agreed to help her.

“Hey Lloyd we’re going out soon right?” the Nightingale asked. I looked down and thought a while. It’s going to be hard to get out but we could find ways. I looked up to her and nodded.

“Yes we will.” I answered. She smiled back and spread her wings.

“I’ll see you all tonight! We’ll start planning from then.” She said and flew away.

It was nighttime, the usual time when the Nightingale’s active. We all met at the spot where Emily and I usually do our chores. Nightingale’s eyes glimmered and pointed at the page where the sea monster was.

“This is who we’re looking for.” She said. Emily and Milo analyzed the page and studied it a while.

“It’s huge! Aren’t you afraid of this creature?” Emily said as she was scanning the page. The Nightingale shook her head.

“These creatures may look monstrous but they are very gentle ones.”

“But they’re all the way underwater. How’re we going to reach under?” Emily asked. The Nightingale pointed at a certain part, which she had told me yesterday.

“It could only appear by its owns call. But apparently none of us can really do that so we have to find a way.”

I thought a while and remembered a story from my uncle. He did talk about something about a horn that could give a low-pitched sound but he wasn’t sure where it was or even if his uncle still had it. Then, I realized that Milo could somehow do a similar sound. It’s worth a shot. I tapped Nightingale’s shoulder to get her attention.

“Maybe Milo could do the call.” I stated.

“Oh, does he have a similar sound as him?” she was curious and looked at Milo. Milo, not hearing anything, was a bit confused though he understood that they must find the sea monster. I told him my idea and he agreed to try his whale sound. The Nightingale listened carefully and had a little smile on her face. She looked at Milo, Emily and I and seemed excited.

“You sound very similar to my friend, Milo.” She signed. Milo smiled and kept reading information from the book. I took out my notebook and grabbed a pencil.

“So how are we going to get there?” I asked the Nightingale.

“The beach by the lighthouse. That was the place where we met.” She said trying to remember her past.

“How far is that from here?”

“I don’t think it would be that far.”

She took my pencil and drew a map. Then, she explained her plan on how to get there.

“Here is where we are. From there we’ll exit the town and try to find a shortcut to the beachside. I remember there was one way that was near the ocean but we should bring food and water just in case.” She said. I looked at Emily and Milo who were looking a little nervous. They’re probably not used to going outside alone and so am I.

“When are we leaving?” Milo signed. I thought for a moment and decided it was best for us to have more time to prepare.

“In three days.” I replied. Milo nodded in agreement and so did Emily. The Nightingale stood up and spread her wings.

“You three are very helpful people.” She said giving us a warm smile. She waved and flew off. The three of us walked to our homes quietly making sure to awake no one. Emily and I went to our bedrooms and jumped right into bed. We have to prepare in three days because the four of them were leaving the town without guidance. I gave out a sigh and closed my eyes.

Today was the day. I grabbed my things and rushed downstairs silently. Emily was waiting holding our packed food and drinks.

“Hurry up we are going to be late.” Emily whispered. She grabbed my wrist and opened the door silently. Outside was Milo looking around making sure nobody saw him. I closed the door quietly and walked along with Milo and Emily. The night was a much better time to leave so not much people would see us. The Nightingale stood nearby the marketplace waiting for us. She waved but didn’t greet us like she usually would. This plan of hers was very serious and important to her. She wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like this. After a long walk, we made it to the gates. It was closed and sealed well. Though, the Nightingale seemed like she had a plan. She held her hands out and used them to break the lock. We were surprised she used her own hands to break a golden lock but we stood silent and followed her. It seemed like the walk took forever and we decided to take a rest. We were probably in the center of an open forest. Hopefully we were nearby the seaside. We set a campfire and grabbed our sleeping bags. As we lay down, we looked at the night sky and look at the constellations.

“That one over there is Pisces.” The Nightingale said pointing at the sky. I smiled and looked at Emily who was fast asleep and Milo was enjoying the twinkling stars. I’ve never really felt this happy in my life.

“Hey Nightingale.” I said.

“Yes?” she replied.

“We’re all friends right?”

“Of course.” She smiled and held all our hands together.

“Whoever is kind to Nightingale is a very good friend!” she sang. Milo and I smiled while Emily was snoring. I’m happy now and I don’t really feel regretful accepting to help the Nightingale find her friend. I’m actually glad to help her and have something exciting happen once in my life. Milo yawned and dozed off to sleep. The Nightingale flapped her wings and wrapped them around her as she lied down. I rested my body on the sleeping bag and took one last glimpse of the sky and shut my eyes.

The following day, we proceeded with our adventure. It was a long walk just like the previous day.

“Please tell me we’re nearby…” Emily asked. She looked like she was about to collapse soon. I looked around hoping to see signs of sea or sand, there was none apparently. I sighed and shook my head. We continued walking, which seemed like forever. However, I heard the sound of waves from the distance. We were close to the sea. The Nightingale was getting excited and flapped her wings.

“Hurry! Let’s go!” She said. She spread her wings and flew ahead of us. We couldn’t catch up and we got left behind.

“Don’t leave us here!” Emily gasped. As we were trying to catch up with her, Emily fell to the ground, unconscious. Milo and I panicked and tried to carry her up. The three of us were probably far from the Nightingale now. We didn’t know where to go now since she was our only guide. I struggled to call her but there was no answer. I sighed and laid Emily down and sat beside her unconscious body. Milo sat beside me and patted my back. He understood very clearly that I was in a lot of pain at the moment. Even if he said nothing, I was glad he tried making me feel better. Milo and I waited at the spot where the Nightingale left us. It’s been hours since we lost her and Emily was still unconscious. I sighed and looked up the sky waiting for the Nightingale to come back.

“We’re still left out here huh?” Emily said.

“You’re awake! Are you okay?” I asked.

“I should be. But what we should be worrying about now is that we’re left behind.” She said. I sighed and looked back up to the sky. What if she’ll never come back? We’re just a bunch of fourteen year olds who couldn’t find our way. She was the only one who could guide us and knew where the lighthouse was. Milo tugged my shirt and pointed at something. I stood up and looked carefully to see what it was. It looked like fireflies. But why would they show up this early?

“We should follow it.” Milo signed. He stood up from his spot and ran towards the shining light. I pulled Emily up and followed Milo.

“I don’t want to walk yet, Lloyd…” she complained. I shrugged and continued dragging her along with me. It seemed like those fireflies were leading us the way. Maybe the Nightingale sent them to help us. I could hear the ocean and its getting closer and closer each step we took. Soon, we slowed down and there we were. The Nightingale stood there waiting for us with other fireflies around her.

“Ah, there you are!” she smiled.

“I’m so tired…” Emily said and sat on the sand. The Nightingale patted my shoulder and gave me a horn.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“It will make Milo’s call louder. I’m pretty sure his voice can’t be heard that far so I asked my little friends for help.” She grinned. I took the horn and gave it to Milo. I explained what it was to him and he nodded.

“You ready Milo?” I signed. He nodded and took a deep breath. He placed the horn near his mouth and made his whale sound loud and clear. Then after his voice faded, we watched the water flow.

“Do you think he heard it?” Emily asked, still on the ground. The Nightingale just stood there and watched carefully. Soon, the waters started making huge waves.

“He’s coming.” The Nightingale said. Slowly, she walked forward and stood there feeling the splashes of water. The figure of the monster was approaching and started roaring. I gave Milo a signal and he made his whale sound again. The monster replied. I was surprised and amazed to see a creature like this. The creature came nearer and nearer and soon reached the shore. Our hearts were beating fast. The monster slowly let its head down to see the Nightingale’s face. It let out a soft roar and nuzzled its head to her cheeks. She smiled and her hands reached out for his monstrous face.

“Hello again, Old Friend…”
Old Friend -story-
well this is quite embarrassing hehe... posting my old story i had to make for my class
anyway... as you can see, this story was somehow rushed and a bit crazy i should say. I have posted two pictures about this story before. 
Cover: <da:thumb id="390896600">
Nightingale:<da:thumb id="388404294">

If there are some inconvenient spaces around this story, please ignore it! Pictures were supposed to be there but I'd rather not scan it and upload it. This story was made last year so expect some errors and probably plotholes. Im not really good at writing so yep... enjoy I guess c:>
Im actually thinking if I should post my literature project from last school year. It's a story I thought of with characters I had to use from other stories. Idk if I should actually post it since there are some errors found but what do u guys think?
some tsukiroppi AU by ShinydawgTheZorua
some tsukiroppi AU
umm sweats nervously 
i just have some dumb AU thing where roppi is a prince and tsuki is a healer
roppi is the younger brother of hibiya so I guess hibiya is the higher authority here
also roppi somehow reminds me of marth here whyy


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Im actually thinking if I should post my literature project from last school year. It's a story I thought of with characters I had to use from other stories. Idk if I should actually post it since there are some errors found but what do u guys think?

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